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St Leonard's, Deal, Co Kent, England

Larry Duke
Larry Duke, Current Editor
'Estes Trails' has been in publication since 1980. It is one of the oldest 'One Name' genealogical societies in America. Our purpose is to share and study genealogical and historical information about the Estes/Eastes family.

The Estes families of America appear to all originate from the Deal - Dover area of County Kent on the east coast of England. Members of this family first came to America in the 1670s, settling in New England. Other members of the family established the line in the South a few years later. From Dover and other ports Estes immigrants settled wherever English was spoken. Estes families now cover the world.

The oldest Estes we currently know of is Nicholas Este, born circa 1495 in the Deal area. For hundreds of years the family worshiped at St. Leonard's Church, still open to this day. The family has an interesting history and hundreds of interesting individuals.

Over the years Estes Trails as a publication has accumulated hundreds of family charts and thousands of pages of research into this unique family, most of which is now available electronically in PDF files.

Estes Trails is a quarterly publication, coming out the third week of March, June and September and the last week of December. We currently have almost one hundred subscribers. Many have been working with Estes Trails for decades.
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'Estes Trails' was first published in July 1980 by Mary E. Estes Beckham. Mary was born in 1927 in Lauderdale Co, Mississippi. She became involved in genealogy as early as 1956. She self-published Historic Trails of Our AncestorsEstes Newsletter from 1965 to 1972. She published her own family history, From England to Across America, in 1993. Over the years Mary accumulated hundreds of pages of family charts and genealogy. In early 1994 she was diagnosed with cancer and died. In 1993 Larry Duke offered to help in some publication chores. During 1994 he received permission from Mary's husband to continue using the name Estes Trails and has been the publisher since that time. Many of Mary's subscribers in the 1980's are still with Estes Trails. We now have almost 100 subscribers, world wide. While always interested in history and family, Larry came to genealogy rather late, around 1991. He graduated college with a Master's Degree in History and has continued to study American history. In addition to his genealogy interests, Larry also researches and publishes on the history of his home town, Canadian, Oklahoma and is currently involved in transcribing the town's early newspapers.
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Estes Trails
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Estes Trails is available, by subscription (either by email or print), from the editor, Larry Duke.

Subscriptions are $US10 per year, covering four issues (non-US residents contact Larry for alternative arrangements). Previous issues are available on CD. Volume 1 consists of the original Estes Trails, published by Mary Estes Beckham, from 1981-1994. Volume 2 covers the years 1995-2006. Both Volumes are available from Larry Duke at a cost of $15 each. Volune 3, covering the years from 2007 will be available at some date in the future.

Mary Estes-Beckham, Original Editor

Hosting & web design provided by David Powell. My own Eastes genealogy can be found at In the US the family mostly settled on the spelling 'Estes', whilst those remaining in England (and subsequently throughout the British Commonwealth) settled on the spelling 'Eastes'. Site updated 23rd December, 2010.
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